Luxury House

Home Inspections

All Home Inspections are conducted to the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). A copy of those standards can be viewed here.

Fees are calculated on the following schedule:

Basic Home Inspection Starting at:      $300.00

Basic Condo Inspection Starting at:     $250.00

Fee per 500 sq. ft. over 1500:                  $50.00

Over 6,000 sq. ft.:                                     Call for Quote

Detached Garage of Shed:                       $75.00

Outbuilding with Liveable Space:         $100.00

Property Age 50+ years:                          $50.00

Property Age 100+ years:                        $100.00

Multi-Family Units After First:              $75.00

Reinspection Fee:                                      $125.00

Pre-Drywall Inspection Under

4,000 Sq. Ft.:                                              $300

Pre-Drywall 4,001 to 6,000 Sq. Ft.:      $400

Printed Copy of the Report:                    $60

(Bound and Shipped from Staples)


Mold Inspections / Testing


We offer two types of mold testing services:

Full Assessment: The entire building is inspected for visible mold and conditions that could promote growth. Visual inspection is performed using moisture meters and thermal imaging. A minimum of 10 samples is taken, including both air and surface samples. Results are typically available in about two weeks. The lead time is due to some of the samples being grown in a culture by the lab and cannot be expedited.

Mold Assessment up to 4,000 sq ft. Starting at:  $1,000

Additional Samples Beyond 10:                               $100 per sample

Homes Over 4,000 sq. ft.:                                         Call for Quote

General Mold Testing: Visual inspection of areas of concerned is performed with a moisture meter and infrared camera. Three air samples are taken, one outside, and two inside. This service as a base lead time of 2 business days and can be expedited for an additional fee. Rush fees are straight cost from the lab.

General Mold Test with a Home Inspection:        $200.00

General Mold Test without a Home Inspection:  $400.00

Next Business Day Processing:            Additional $366.00 or $122.00 per sample

Additional Samples:                                                   $150.00 per sample


Radon Testing


Radon testing is performed using continuous monitors by a 3rd party. We handle all the scheduling and payment for you. Radon reports are sent separate from the home inspection report.

EPA guidelines state that all homes should be tested for Radon every 5 years, and those with mitigation systems be tested every 2 years. 

48 Hour Radon Test: $140.00


Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspections


Wood Destroying Insect inspections are performed by a 3rd party. We handle all the scheduling and payment for you. WDI reports are sent separate from the home inspection report.


Wood Destroying Insect Inspection: $95.00



Please contact me directly if you require thermography services. Rates for thermography are $150 an hour with a $300 minimum.